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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2016 Bargaining Surveys and Demand Forms were mailed to all Members on July 28, 2015. Please complete and return to the Local by September 9, 2015.


The Circuit Court ruled in favor of CWA in regards to the CSR Lawsuit. More details to follow.



I want to thank you for sending me to the Missouri AFL-CIO Right To Work Veto Override Training in Jefferson City on June 30th. The training was very informative, I was educated on what tactics will be used get our friends that voted NO on RTW/HB116 to change their vote to yes on HB116 override veto session in September. Our friends are being threatened, badgered and harassed to change their vote to yes. Big money has come to Jefferson City to try and buy their vote. Using threats of big money to run a person against them in their primary’s has our friends worried and I understand but we need to let our State Representatives and Senators know that we are watching how they vote and come election time we need to vote accordingly.

I also learned that we need to change……

Think it doesn't mean anything? Think again....  
A list of AT&T Mobility Stores staffed by CWA members.  

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