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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

December 19, 2014
The proposed contract was overwhelmingly voted down by the membership. The committee will notify the Company and request future bargaining dates. We will send out another update once we have scheduled new dates to meet with the Company.

In Unity,
Your Bargaining Committee


Here is the correct Link to Support Retiree Healthcare, please support our Retirees.
Support our Retirees


Thank You to everyone that came out this morning to join us for the Christmas Party, The photo's are now available on walgreens group room. walgreens group room
use room code: cwa6300


I recently heard a sermon series at my church that I think can be very relevant to our Local and our Union. It started off by saying every organization no matter how large or small will always start and grow. At some point each organization will reach a plateau. The plateau may last a month, a year or a decade, but eventually every organization will end up with two options, it will either start to decline, or the organization will take steps to revamp and grow. I believe on some levels we have hit our plateau and have started to decline. With the overall Union Membership in our country so low, the declining Membership of our Local, the loss of higher senior Members who have not been replaced, Corporate greed and attacks on retiree benefits across the country have all added to the increased pressure put on organized labor and the middle class in general.
I believe as an officer and a Member, we have the ability to stop the decline and start to regain our momentum and flourish as we did in the past. We must have a vision. The vision can be summed up in 3 basic ideas, REACH, WIN, and GROW. If we all stick to it I believe we can build on the knowledge we have and help to inspire new Members and current Members to become more active and have our voices heard.
To start with, I believe........

Think it doesn't mean anything? Think again....  
A list of AT&T Mobility Stores staffed by CWA members.  

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