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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I stated at the beginning of the year that we are in for some hard fights in the Legislative arena in 2014 and I was right. As of right now the House of Representatives has passed the paycheck deception bill for the public sector Unions. Which means that every year our sister Local 6355 State Workers will have to resign every one of their Members. This will be almost impossible, due to the fact their Members are scattered throughout the state and it is not just logistics. The costs incurred going to Members homes and workplaces to have them sign up to be Union Members annually. This is nothing but an attack on the lowest paid workers in Missouri and their families. This bill does nothing to help anyone; it is targeting the labor movement and trying to rip it apart. We do have faith that this bill will not make it through the Senate and will die this year. Make no mistake you will see it again in 2015 and every year after that until we build the support we need in the House.

Last week I spent two days in Jefferson City working against the Right to Work for less bill. On Wednesday, the debate and vote were on the House floor. In my opinion, two of our strongest allies against this Union busting bill are our own Representative Karla May and Representative Jake Hummel. These two were leaders against the bill that would kill off our rights to have our Unions. They are followed by all of the Democrats and a high margin of Republicans who know that this bill is unfair not only to the Union workers but to every worker in Missouri. When the very heated debate ended and it went to a vote, the Bill passed. Now they must do what they call the third read for perfection, this means that they have to vote on it one more time to move it to the Senate. The good news for us is that the Bill only passed 78 to 68, the supporters of the Bill need a vote of 84 to be able to override the Governorís veto. We are working long and hard to get the State Reps to vote the right way for Missouri. If you would like to help, get with our Legislative Committee and find out how your Representative stands on this and if it is with us thank them; if it is against us call and ask them why, our future depends on this. I will be fighting for this Union and all labor along with our Legislative Committee for as long as it takes to keep what we have earned and deserve.

By Michael Mehringer, President

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